Together  superior


The need of health care increases because of the aging of the population. The health care workers are understaffed and are under constant pressure especially during the nights. This is partly because of the cutbacks to the health care market. ConnectFoamCare presents a superior

development: the DeQpress Smart. A product that combines two other pristine products, namely the renowned DeQpress mattress and the integrated sensors based on light technology. With the innovative DeQpress Smart an extra pair of eyes are watching the patient.



Increased focus

on health care


Connect, Watch, Follow and take care


ConnectFoamCare connects the client with the health care worker via the mattress. The DeQpress mattress has integrated sensors that can detect the presence or absence and the body posture of the client. This data is transferred to the health care worker via the platform. You connect, watch, follow and take care.





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