About us.


ConnectFoamCare is a powerful organization that provides the products that the current market needs by managing their business clearly and having an innovative spirit. ConnectFoamCare is very keen about quality. Our products meet the quality standards that have been set by the law and regulation.






The biggest strength of our company is the quality of the products we sell. Our products are combined in a way that comfort, durability and innovation go hand in hand. Nothing inspires and motivates us more than making sure that all our dealers and their customers get the highest quality possible regarding sleep comfort. With the help of quality assurance we can guarantee a constant level of quality to our customers. Quality assurance also helps us to realize a permanent coordination of our commitments within our company. The quality assurance system is also focused on continuous improvement of the quality of our procedures and products.





Service and quality


The board considers the quality policy as a vital part of the company policy and takes the prime responsibility for the implement, the review and for maintaining the quality assurance system. The board is being supported by a quality coordinator. The board expects an active cooperation from every employee in the realization of an effective quality policy. Every employee has to provide a contribution in their own way, in order to make the quality policy inside our company self-evident. The involvement off all employees with constantly improving the quality and protecting information is of vital importance.






Digital Angel


The DeQpress Smart mattress system links to the digitalAngel platform. DigitalAngel is one of the world’s first independant IoT platfoms that connects intelligent care equipment and shares the accompanying data with health and well-being professionals. DigitalAngel qualifies as a medical device, and it meets strict data security and reliability requirements.






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