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De DeQpress

Smart matras


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The DeQpress smart mattress is made out of high quality Swiss foams. The light sensors are integrated between the top layer of the mattress, which is made out of pressure relieving SensiDense foam, and the bottom layer of the mattress, which is made out of HRC SoliCore foam. The sensors are integrated in the shoulder, hip and knee section of the mattress. The Swiss foams that are used in the mattress have a high breathability, provide excellent stability and improve the client’s mobility.


Several tests have proven that this mattress provides a more constant resting pattern. The top layer of the DeQpress Smart mattress is cut in to cubes. This, combined with the pressure relieving characteristics of the foam, decreases the sliding forces. The mattress will help you in the prevention of pressure ulcers up to category 2 and in a lot of cases it is also therapeutic.


The DeQpress Smart comes standardly fitted with a incontinence cover. The cover is made out of Pu-coated material that will protect the mattress but is also anti allergen free. The specific features of the core of the mattress are guaranteed by the breathable characteristics and the bi-stretch quality of the cover. The incontinence cover meet the Crib 7 standards. This x-ray rendering shows how the pressure is distributed on the DeQpress Smart mattress. This test is executed with different kinds of user weights.




This extremely reliable type of measurement based on light technology is being used by the government to secure museums and nuclear power plants.

All the data generated by the module is being transferred to the portal

The sensors are integrated in the shoulder, hip and knee section of the mattress.



    Optimal stability       Exclusive

    moisture         Prevention of

   regulating       pressure ulcers

Pressure relieving  Swiss quality foam





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